CPC, online marketing coys streamline operational principles for enhanced consumer confidence

The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) and senior management of the online marketing companies had a meeting today, March 15, 2018; in part to commemorate World Consumer Rights Day 2018 themed: “Making the Digital Marketplaces Fairer”


The meeting focused on the current consumer experience in the online shopping marketplace. The particular concern that was the subject of discussion was protecting consumers as well as protecting and legitimate and responsible online marketing companies and their brands.


Both the Council and the online marketing companies agreed that only a robust, ethical and well regulated industry can promote consumer confidence and eliminate distrust; prevent fraud and market entry by those who seek to exploit and defraud.


Parties also recognize that technological disruption and innovation remain a vital catalyst for economic expansion, commercial penetration and shared prosperity.

As such the Council and online marketing companies acknowledge that clear and transparent guiding principles, Guidance and a regulatory framework is important to growing and sustaining a vibrant E-commerce industry.


In recognition the Council and online marketing companies adopt certain guiding principles with respect to E-commerce.